Trusted Agents get ahead of competition in Orlando
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Trusted Agents
Trusted Agents get ahead of competition in Orlando
by Jonathan Rest

Crucial face time with decision-makers, a bulging contacts book and deals on the verge of being finalised: Trusted Agents reflect on debut appearance at a TransferRoom live event.

Second or even third hand information that you get otherwise is not good at all. Here you can discuss face-to-face and it’s very important for me as an agent, also to be able to provide the best service as possible for the clubs and for our players.
Michael Kallback
Founder and CEO, Neverland Management

TransferRoom returned to a live event for the first time in more than two years in February 2022, as clubs from across 25 countries descended on Orlando, Florida.


And for the first time, a selection of Trusted Agents were invited along after TransferRoom opened up the platform to them midway through 2021.


Over 650 clubs from around the world use TransferRoom to share information about players they want to bring in or move out, negotiate deals and keep up to date with developments in the industry. 


Trusted Agents have access to the same unique global network, giving themselves the opportunity to do business faster, safer and better.


And the possibility of having 18 meetings in just two days with decision makers at the TransferRoom Americas Summit meant saving valuable time and money.


Bruno Morimoto, Representative at Brazilian agency Elenko Sports, which represents Arsenal’s Gabriel Magalhães and Zenit St Petersburg pair Malcolm and Claudinho, told TransferRoom on the sidelines of the Orlando event: “You can be talking really to the people who will be deciding who goes to what club, and what are the needs for the club upfront, so you don’t need to talk to an intermediary and then get information from other people. You just get it from the source.


“It will save a lot of time for us and the clubs as well. We can be more precise in our referrals. It’s important for us with the platform being direct contact with the clubs and the decision-making people. Then of course we don’t need to go all the way to the club and meet and talk to the scout. We save a lot of time for sure, and money as well, because we don't need to spend a lot of money on travelling.”



Information shared and connections made during fast-paced 15 minute meetings can result in transfer deals coming together over the months ahead.


Elenko Sports only recently signed up as a TransferRoom Trusted Agent, and is already generating value and success, with Morimoto believing as many as five deals could originate from his talks in Orlando.


Another agent in attendance in Florida, Neverland Management Founder and CEO Michael Kallback, said he expects “at least two or three,” with one already close.


Neverland Management has over 20 male players on its books, the vast majority of which play in its home market of Sweden and the neighbouring Nordic countries.


With clubs from throughout the Americas represented in Orlando, Kallback was quickly able to maximise career opportunities for his clients.


He told TransferRoom: “Second or even third hand information that you get otherwise is not good at all. Here you can discuss face-to-face and it’s very important for me as an agent and also to be able to provide the best service as possible for the clubs and for our players…


“We have never had any relationship at all with the South American clubs and they probably didn’t have a relationship with a Swedish agency or any Swedish clubs either, so that has been really good.”



One of the biggest agencies in Orlando was TFM, another Brazilian group that represents over 120 players, including major talents like Arsenal’s Gabriel Martinelli, Real Madrid’s Vinicius Junior and Brazil’s latest rising star, Palmeiras’ 15-year-old striker Endrick.


With a large portfolio and a number of players to move around, having reliable first-hand intelligence from clubs, not second-hand information from intermediaries, is paramount.


Partner Renato Martinez (pictured left) said: “We are a very big agency that needs to move players, so being part of TransferRoom is very important for us.


“There are a lot of agents that don’t represent players, they are just brokers. They come to us a lot as we need to handle a lot of players and take care of them. Sometimes we just don’t have enough time to open doors and visit clubs directly. But with TransferRoom it is very good for us as we get that direct contact. You can trust that information.


“MLS is becoming a huge market and being at the Summit meant we could open dialogue with a lot of MLS clubs.”



The key to success is mutual trust and access to TransferRoom for management companies and individual representatives is by invitation only.


To learn more about the benefits of becoming a Trusted Agent, click here.

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