Transparent approach building players' trust in Onana's agency
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Success Stories
Transparent approach building players' trust in Onana's agency
by Steve Jenkins

How Be The Future Management, run by Melissa Onana, the sister of Everton's Amadou Onana, is helping players, like Kingsley Michael by sharing transfer market feedback.

I can see all the clubs that my agent has offered me to, and what their answers have been. It’s really interesting and makes me feel safe with my agency.
Kingsley Michael
Bologna FC (On loan at SV Ried)

Trust between all parties is a vital element of any potential transfer. But it can be hard to achieve.


With so many rumours and third parties involved it can be hard for top players to know the truth. Despite the best intentions of the agent, it’s been difficult to prove their ability to source the best opportunities and show the player he’s a priority.

Until now.

Innovative agents like Be The Future Management are choosing to enable real-time sharing of information with their players and earning High Transparency status on TransferRoom in the process. 

Melissa Onana is a Founder of Be The Future Management and sister of Everton midfielder Amadou Onana. Her agency represents players including Onana on TransferRoom and is sharing a real-time feed of transfer opportunities by enabling the Player Loyalty Booster feature. Melissa explains why transparency is a key part of their agency offering.

Melissa says in the video below: “Even before becoming an agent, I have personal experience of the lack of  transparency.  As the sister of a player, I’d seen myself that transparency wasn’t always a quality shown by some agents. I wanted to change that, so I made sure it’s one of our priorities at Be The Future Management.

“With TransferRoom you don’t need to ask the player to trust you. It’s there in black and white. He can see where you’ve offered him, how, and when. It helps build trust between you and the player.

“Knowing that the agent is doing the job well is really important for the player. He can then only focus on the field. With TransferRoom, this is possible.”

This transparent approach is also benefiting the agency’s players. 

Kingsley Michael, capped by Nigeria, has been rejuvenating his career with a loan at Austrian Bundesliga side SV Ried from Italian Serie A club Bologna FC 1909 after a nine-month injury lay-off.


Kingsley says: “The TransferRoom platform offers a lot of transparency and is very innovative. I can see all the clubs that my agent has offered me to, and what their answers have been. It’s really interesting and makes me feel safe with my agency.


“The world of football is very special so having transparency allows us to sleep soundly because we know the job is done.”

Transparency is just one of the benefits of using TransferRoom for forward-thinking agencies like Be The Future Management. Being part of a platform with access to decision makers at over 650 clubs has opened up global opportunities. 

Melissa adds: “I work a lot with African players. Most of my contacts are in big leagues like England, France, Germany, Italy and Spain. But these players need a stepping stone to those leagues. TransferRoom gives us access to smaller championships that can serve as their first step in Europe for players, before maybe making it to the big leagues.”

Whether it’s finding more opportunities for players or building trust through transparency, TransferRoom is supporting Trusted Agents to achieve their objectives.

If you’re an agent interested in following the lead of Be The Future Management in showcasing your High Transparency status on TransferRoom, find out more here.

Are you a professional footballer looking to find a transparent agent that can help you understand your real transfer opportunities? Sign up for free access to TransferRoom now.

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