The agency recruiting international talent through PlayerMarket
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    I've used TransferRoom since day 1. I've seen it as a big help to me, it's helped to educate me and to open doors with other clubs.
    David Weir
    Technical Director, Brighton & Hove Albion
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Success Stories
The agency recruiting international talent through PlayerMarket
by Becca Carr

See how Trusted Agency Cerebral Vortex is opening up their international network and going from signing players in Ivory Coast to recruiting talent worldwide.

The platform never sleeps. We wake up with players from the other side of the world looking to connect.
Osita Aneke
Director, Cerebral Vortex

The global PlayerMarket that 'never sleeps'


After building a wealth of experience in the football industry, Osita Aneke and Kouassi Atta decided to start their own agency, Cerebral Vortex.


The agency, focused on finding and developing players and maximising their opportunities in the transfer market, has mainly worked with young players in the Ivory Coast due to a strong network within the country, and now they’re looking to reach players globally in order to grow.


Previously their opportunities to recruit new talent internationally have been limited, but now they have found a way to connect with a global network of players like never before.


Enter PlayerMarket, the TransferRoom tool designed to help Trusted Agencies recruit the best talent seeking new representation in over 100 leagues worldwide.


Since joining, Cerebral Vortex have connected with six pro players that they’re now representing on TransferRoom and pitching to the global network of over 700 clubs on the platform.


“Our network in the Ivory Coast is limited compared to what PlayerMarket can offer us,” Atta explains in the video below. “We’ve contacted players in Canada and Croatia, for example. Two countries we have no network in without PlayerMarket. It is so easy to find and contact players.”


Thanks to the world’s biggest network of club decision makers and access to their live requirements on TransferRoom, Cerebral Vortex are able to understand the demands of the market.


Once they start representing a new player on TransferRoom, the agency is quick to capitalise on the opportunity to test pitching them to clubs and assess the interest.



Atta says: “Seeing what clubs are looking for on TransferRoom helps us to understand the types of players who are in demand. We’ve had clubs reach out to us about our new players.”


Receiving interest for new players recruited through PlayerMarket increases Cerebral Vortex’s exposure to clubs and enables them to create new connections with their recruitment teams.


As well as expanding their network, the fact that they can show clubs that they are a player’s Trusted Agent on TransferRoom allows Cerebral Vortex to grow their brand and credibility within the market.


Once they’ve recruited a player, TransferRoom’s Transparency feature means they can start building trust with their new players straight away, by sharing a real-time feed of the activity the agency is doing on their behalf.


Players recruited through PlayerMarket can immediately see that Cerebral Vortex are pitching them and prioritising their search for a new club.

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