Players, here are 10 signs that you need a new agent
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Players, here are 10 signs that you need a new agent
by TransferRoom

Are you a footballer who feels let down by your current agent? Here are 10 factors to help you decide if they're the right one to represent you.

It is a short career. You can't afford to waste time working with someone who is not looking after your best interests. 

Having the right agent is crucial


As a footballer, you only have only a limited time to fulfill your potential. Having the right agent at the right time is crucial, every step of the way.


Here are 10 signs that your current agent is letting you down:


You receive little or no communication. When the phone calls and WhatsApp messages dry up, you start to worry. A lack of communication could mean your agent is not making progress or prioritising other clients over you. Or things could be going well, but you can’t be sure because you haven’t been told. Instead of knowing where you stand, you're left with an information gap and you start to lose trust in your agent.


Your agent isn't well-known enough. A big complaint from clubs is that they receive multiple approaches from agents claiming to represent a player and don’t know who is telling the truth. If clubs don’t know your agent is the person to deal with, they'll look to other options where they’re clear of the representation situation.


You don’t know if opportunities are real. Other agents or the media tell you that certain clubs are interested in you but you hear nothing about them from your agent. You start to doubt whether your agent has the network and skills to find potential deals and whether they are working hard enough. Instead of having a clear idea about what is possible, you're left in the dark and relying on rumour instead of facts.


You're not sure if a club is truly interested in you. Your agent may tell you that they are talking to particular clubs, but you never hear any feedback so you don’t know whether there is genuine interest. Instead of being told what clubs have said, you are left wondering whether your agent is pursuing real opportunities or just going through the motions, while ignoring potential alternatives.


You're not presented with many options. Many agents are strong in one particular country or market, but lack contacts or experience in others. That is a problem if you are interested in the challenge of playing and living abroad. Instead of having a range of opportunities around the world to consider, your agent presents you with limited options from the same old clubs.


You miss out on good opportunities because your agent relies on intermediaries. There is nothing more frustrating than seeing a promising option disappear. That is much more likely to happen if your agent doesn’t have a direct line to decision-makers at clubs and is relying on one or more third parties to get the deal done. Instead of being able to speak to the people who matter, your agent is on the outside and is being beaten to the punch by other agencies who are better connected.


You see similar players making great moves. You have a good idea of what your level, so why are players similar to you - or even below your status - finding new clubs while you sit around waiting for something to happen? Instead of pushing your name forward in the market, your agent is letting other players take opportunities that could have been yours.


You receive offers below your level. If your agent presents you with opportunities that you do not think match your ability and worth, you are entitled to ask why. Perhaps they do not have the contacts or negotiating skills to do a good job for you. Maybe they are simply not working hard enough. Or could you be wrong about your attractiveness in the market? Instead of accepting below-expectations offers, you should find out the reasons for them.


You don’t feel like a priority. If your agent represents other players and is making progress for them, you start to wonder how important a client you are. Maybe they seem to be focusing on higher profile names or new players ahead of you. Instead of having someone who is committed to doing the best they can for you, you seem to be at the back of the queue.


Your commercial deals are too small or non-existent. Some agents can be effective in the main task of negotiating good contracts with clubs, but struggle to make an impact in the commercial world. Not every player can command sponsorship deals like Lionel Messi. But it is frustrating if you don’t think you are earning the off-field income that you should. Instead of making the most of your status, your agent is missing out on the chance to help you make more money.

What should you do next?


If you recognise one or more of these issues, alarm bells should be ringing. 

It is a short career and you can't afford to waste time working with someone who is not doing enough to look after your best interests. 


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