Introducing AgentFinder: How players can get more transfer opportunities
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Introducing AgentFinder: How players can get more transfer opportunities
by Jack Hyom

Professional footballers can now take control of their own careers and get FIVE times more transfer interest worldwide with TransferRoom’s groundbreaking new AgentFinder tool.

The digital revolution has given people the opportunity to make informed choices about all areas of their life, by giving them instant access to reliable data and the ability to communicate directly with those offering a service. Now TransferRoom is giving footballers the same power.
Jonas Ankersen
CEO and Founder, TransferRoom

A player’s professional career is short and making the right decisions to maximise their transfer opportunities is pivotal.

So finding the right agent is key to maximising success, and picking the wrong one can be detrimental and lead to missing out on precious transfer opportunities.

But finding reliable information on the best agents for the leagues they want to play in and for that stage of their career has traditionally been hard to find, with players relying on word-of-mouth recommendations from team-mates or other people they know in the game. 

That’s why TransferRoom, world football’s marketplace, has opened up its platform for players and is giving them the power to find their perfect agent at the click of a button.

For the first time, players will be able to access and share reliable information that will enable them to choose the right agent to guide their career and find them the best opportunities in the transfer market, from a network of over 300 of the best agencies worldwide, verified as Trusted Agents who have direct access to decision makers from more than 650 clubs worldwide.

They can follow in the footsteps of players like Southampton midfielder Carlos Alcaraz, DC United’s Mateusz Klich and Raków Częstochowa’s Stratos Svarnas, who all landed big international moves through a Trusted Agent with the help of TransferRoom.

The platform is FREE to access. You just need to visit


‘Success relies on choosing the right agent’


“For players, finding the right agent is crucial to achieving their goals and potential,” says Jonas Ankersen, the CEO and Founder of TransferRoom. 

“Success relies on choosing the right agent, which means someone who can prove they have the skills, contacts and dedication to do the job.

“Players may miss out on opportunities because their agent doesn’t have the right network or is not prioritising them. 

“The digital revolution has given people the opportunity to make informed choices about all areas of their life, by giving them instant access to reliable data and the ability to communicate directly with those offering a service.

“Now TransferRoom is giving footballers the same power.”


How AgentFinder works


Once they have registered, players who say they are actively looking for a new agent will be able to identify the leagues and countries they wish to play in and choose the best Trusted Agent to suit their needs from a pool of over 300 on TransferRoom.

As Trusted Agents they are all verified as the representative of their players, they get direct access to the recruitment teams at more than 650 clubs worldwide on the platform and they are updated by the clubs on their transfer needs.

Players can simply submit information about where they want to play and what kind of agent they want, and the digital platform will offer recommendations to match their requirements and provide the best agents for their needs.

Or they can access data about Trusted Agents and use filters to create a personal shortlist of suitable candidates.


Learn more about AgentFinder and register here

Who is AgentFinder for?


First and foremost, the AgentFinder tool will help players who do not have an agent or who are unhappy with their current representation to find the best person to move their career forward.

Instead of waiting for agents to approach them or relying on recommendations from fellow players, they will have access to an unrivalled global network of agents and agency businesses on TransferRoom, all of whom are verified as the representatives of their players. That helps solve the problem of other intermediaries wrongly trying to represent a different agent’s players.

By joining TransferRoom, players can also see their Expected Transfer Value, a real-time, data-led measure of their market worth. 

And they can see their performance stats, compare their data against other players across the world and benchmark themselves against footballers in the leagues they wish to play in.


The benefits for players


By working with a Trusted Agent, players will open themselves up to a world of opportunities.

The global network of clubs on TransferRoom covers more than 100 leagues and 60 countries, and a Trusted Agent can potentially contact decision-makers at every one of them directly.


Players represented by Trusted Agents get FIVE times more interest than those who are not.

Instead of being restricted to one market or region, players will have the potential to attract attention from all over the football world.

TransferRoom keeps its member agents up to date with the latest opportunities. As soon as a club shares with the platform that it is looking for players with a particular profile, Trusted Agents who have players that match the criteria are alerted and can pitch directly to the club.

Getting High Transparency


For players who already have a Trusted Agent or find an agent on the platform, their agency can now share a real-time feed of all the activity they’re doing for that player in the transfer market. 

Agents earn High Transparency Status and build trust with their talents by sharing which clubs they have pitched to, what the feedback has been and which clubs have declared interest in them.

Instead of being kept in the dark or missing out on opportunities by not finding out at the time, players can stay up to date with what is going on through their mobile devices and know for sure whether their agent is doing everything possible to make things happen.

Ankersen said: “At the heart of TransferRoom’s mission is the aim to increase transparency in football’s transfer market, just as other digital marketplaces have done for areas like real estate.

“The benefits of being registered with a Trusted Agent are indisputable and we believe giving players the ability to be proactive on the platform will bring significant change to the industry.”


Professional players can register for free access to TransferRoom at

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