Introducing TransferRoom's new player profiles
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Data Insights
Introducing TransferRoom's new player profiles
by TransferRoom

TransferRoom’s new-look player profiles are full of personalised data to help clubs and agents make more informed transfer decisions.

Our enhanced player profiles provide even more data-driven features than before to power your success in the global transfer market.

Our new player profiles have a brand-new look and even more player insight than before. Read on to discover all the new features and how the profiles can help decision-makers to find the right players for their clubs and agents to showcase their talent. 



Player Impact

The new 'Impact' section leverages TransferRoom’s Player Ratings for a quick snapshot on how a potential addition compares to a club's existing players. 


Blog - Saliba Impact - 16x9


Also, on the “League Benchmark” tab you can see how a player would compare to other players in the same position within another league. Think of it as a quick compatibility check. 


Blog - Saliba League Benchmark - 16x9



Playing Style


Dig deeper than a player’s position on a team sheet to see how he actually plays. The “Playing Style” section provides an objective assessment of the actions players take on the pitch, giving clubs a better understanding of whether they would fit their existing system.


Blog - Saliba Playing Style - 16x9 (1)



See how a player’s performance stats stack up head-to-head against any other player in the world. Our comparison covers the most important metrics for their position - everything from ”aerial duals won” to “long pass completion”, helping clubs make an informed assessment. 


Blog - Saliba Playing Style - 16x9


xTV Benchmarks

Use TransferRoom’s unique Expected Transfer Value metric (xTV) for a real-time indicator of a player’s worth in the transfer market. Use this along with the “xTV Benchmarks” tab, which shows how much similar players have moved for, to guide your strategy for any potential offer.


Blog - Saliba xTV Benchmark - 16x9


Resale Value
Maximising profit is pivotal for club owners, who will no doubt have one eye on a potential signing’s resale value. Adjust assumptions around contract length and minutes played to get an indication of a player’s resale value in the future, giving a clearer sense of the risk and reward of a potential signing or addition to an agency. 


Blog - Saliba Resale Value - 16x9


Injury Record

Understand how many matches a player has missed through injury and get into the detail of what those injuries were. Assess if a player has merely been unlucky or whether they might have a recurring problem that could make them a riskier investment. 


Blog - Saliba Injury Record - 16x9



Save time with a data-driven assessment of the most similar players at the end of each profile, helping clubs continue their search for the right player quickly and effectively. 


Blog - Saliba Alternatives - 16x9


GBE Status

Addressing a key consideration for UK clubs, TransferRoom player profiles indicate GBE criteria compliance. Save time and know instantly if a player is worth spending  time and energy pursuing.


Blog - GBE Status - 16x9


Trusted Agents

Clubs can cut out intermediaries and reduce potential commission payments by going straight to a player’s verified agent. Trusted Agents on TransferRoom have been personally verified by the player as representing them. Reach them in one click via a player’s profile to get down to business quickly.

Blog - Saliba Agent - 16x9

Pro clubs and agents, access this data for over 225k players worldwide. Book a demo today to find out more.


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