How first TransferRoom club in Panama is opening new global markets
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New Clubs
How first TransferRoom club in Panama is opening new global markets
by Jack Hyom

Club Atlético Independiente de La Chorrera (CAI) have joined TransferRoom in a landmark deal for the Central American nation, which opens up real-time access to what 700+ clubs are looking for in the global transfer market.

TransferRoom opens the opportunity to offer players to clubs that I couldn't reach before.
Ibrahim Isaac
Board Member, Club Atlético Independiente de La Chorrera

Global transfer network opens up worldwide sales opportunities


For clubs in Panama, it has been traditionally difficult to showcase their players to major leagues across the world like those in Brazil, Argentina, the United States and Mexico, the biggest footballing nations in the Americas.

Reaching decision makers at clubs in the international transfer market and knowing the types of players they are looking for is just as challenging, with a lack of access to the right people and reliable market information.

But that has now changed for one club reaching new territory for football in Panama. 

Club Atlético Independiente de La Chorrera (CAI) have become the first club from the country to join TransferRoom.

In doing so, CAI get direct access to the decision makers at more than 700 clubs in over 100 leagues.

And they can see reliable market data and the types of players other clubs are looking for or moving out in real-time. 

Speaking to TV channel Tigo Sports Panama after the club announced their arrival on TransferRoom, Ibrahim Isaac, Board Member of CAI, said: “What TransferRoom allows us to do is to reach clubs, to be able to offer players. It opens the opportunity to offer players to clubs that I couldn't reach before.

“The platform is very interesting and we are very excited about what we can do and achieve thanks to TransferRoom.

“With the platform, we have reached new markets like Malta and Bulgaria, and we have strengthened relationships with other markets where we were not so strong.

“This tool allows us to make these young talents available to clubs that perhaps we would not have been able to reach only with our professionals within the club, playing in the Panamanian league, playing in the tournaments organised by CONCACAF or waiting for the player to reach the national team and hope that other clubs might take notice of them.”


TransferRoom also helps member clubs to get the most out of the platform and maximise their success in the transfer market with a Customer Success team based all over the world. 

Diego Atuesta, the Senior Club Relations Manager in Latin America, said: “The main advantage for CAI at the moment is that they are part of a community of over 700 clubs around the world.

“They will have information in real time, which other clubs don't have, they will be able to see on the platform in real time which club in the world is looking to recruit which position, what budget they have for the potential transfer, what budget they have for salary and with a couple of clicks they can offer their players.”


CAI follow in the footsteps of Real Club Deportivo España from Honduras, the first Central American club to join TransferRoom. As Atuesta outlines, RCD España are already seeing the benefits from the platform and the series of in-person events hosted by TransferRoom for hundreds of decision makers each year, including the most recent TransferRoom Summit in São Paulo, Brazil.

Atuesta adds: “The first club in Central America was Real España from Honduras and their reaction has been very positive. 

“They have been actively bidding for players, they have forged new relationships and were present at our regional event in São Paulo in June. I'm sure they have been able to take some market opportunities from the conversations they had at the event.”

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