TransferRoom's Trust in Youth rating explained
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TransferRoom's Trust in Youth rating explained
by Becca Carr

All you need to know about TransferRoom’s Trust in Youth rating for Head Coaches and how it’s calculated. 

We’ve developed our unique Trust in Youth rating to help clubs understand the ability of a Head Coach to develop young players.

TransferRoom VIP members get exclusive access to over 5,000+ Head Coach profiles as part of their TransferRoom membership, helping them make data-driven decisions when finding their next Head Coach.


Where is the Trust in Youth rating seen?


VIP clubs on TransferRoom can see an individual Head Coach’s Trust in Youth rating in the Youth Development section of their profile, alongside a closer look at the specific squads they’ve managed during their career. Our insight shows the minutes played by young players and how the age of the starting XI compared to other starting XIs in the same league, for different club squads.  


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How is the Trust in Youth rating calculated?


The Trust in Youth rating considers three metrics: 

  • The average age of a Head Coach’s 11 starting players 
  • The percentage of first-team minutes that are given to players under 24
  • The number of senior debuts that a Head Coach provides 

Each of these metrics are assessed based on how they compare to other teams in the league, as well as the global average. 


How can clubs use the Trust in Youth rating?

The ability of a Head Coach to develop young players is an incredibly important consideration in today’s game and may be key to a new Head Coach candidate matching the philosophy of a club. Placing ‘Trust in Youth’ by giving young players first-team football can deliver huge benefits to a club. 

Off the pitch, providing young players with senior opportunities can drastically increase their transfer value, rapidly growing the value of a team’s assets. 


If you have any other questions about the TR Trust in Youth rating, or upgrading to a VIP membership to access CoachFinder, please speak to your customer success representative.

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