How Agents can find the next club for their Head Coach
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How Agents can find the next club for their Head Coach
by Becca Carr

For an agent finding the right club for their Head Coach client can be really complex. That's why TransferRoom is launching CoachFinder for Agents. 

Agents can't go knocking on doors when they have no idea which clubs are looking for a new Head Coach. Now agents can benefit from TransferRoom's recommendations and the fact that club's will be able to come straight to them if they're interested in their client.
Jonas Ankersen
CEO and Founder, TransferRoom

A Head Coach now stays in a job for an average of 235 days, TransferRoom data shows - the shortest amount of time ever. 


This summer is set to be exciting for new Head Coach appointments, with Barcelona, Bayern Munich and Liverpool all looking for new faces in the dugout. But behind the headline-grabbing news, clubs and agents must navigate a Head Coach market that is sensitive and complex.


This makes it even harder for clubs to make sure they're making the right hire. 


In November 2023, TransferRoom launched CoachFinder for clubs to access in-depth, personalised Head Coach data to ensure they're hiring the best Coach for their squad, and expand their prepared shortlist of candidates. 


Now, with the launch of CoachFinder for Agents, TransferRoom is making Head Coach recruitment more global, open and transparent for agents too. 


Agents find it hard to achieve a move for the Head Coaches they represent because they can't always tell which clubs, and most importantly which suitable clubs, are looking for a new Head Coach. They are also limited to opportunities with the club decision makers they have in their existing network. 


Trusted Agents on TransferRoom can verify they represent a Head Coach so clubs can get in touch directly with a candidate's agent, skipping intermediaries and working quickly and efficiently in a time of urgency.


Graham Potter Mini Profile-1-1


Based on data and predictive signals, the TransferRoom platform can recommend clubs that are both suitable for the agent's client and that may soon be looking for a new Head Coach. Providing agents with a much needed first step to finding the right club.

 A screenshot of a sports league

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Read more about how we calculate club recommendations here


Trusted Agents can choose whether to pitch directly to the decision makers of all 20 recommended clubs or to any clubs of their choice, enabling agents to expand the network of opportunities available for their client.  


Upon receiving the pitch, clubs can view the Head Coach's profile which contains invaluable career data and personalised insight to help agents showcase the suitability and impact of their Head Coach client. 

Personalised Data-1


Read more about TransferRoom Head Coach profiles and how they can help agents convert more pitches



How CoachFinder for Agents works


With CoachFinder for Agents on TransferRoom Trusted Agents can find their Head Coach client a club in three steps:

  1. Add a Head Coach to their TransferRoom portfolio and confirm representation. Our global network of over 750+ clubs will always know to come straight to the agent. 

  2. Plus Pitch their Head Coach directly to club decision makers and use our data-driven club recommendations.

  3. Club decision makers view their client's TransferRoom Head Coach profile with in-depth and impactful data to convert more pitches into interviews. 

Start the journey to the touchline with CoachFinder for Agents today.


How do I get access to CoachFinder for Agents?


CoachFinder for Agents is now available exclusively for Trusted Agents on new TransferRoom agency packages, Premium and above. 


Not on a new TransferRoom agency package and looking to access CoachFinder? New to TransferRoom and want to learn about how you can become a Trusted Agent to unlock opportunities in the market of Head Coach recruitment? Visit our CoachFinder for Agents page. 

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