How to make the most of your TransferRoom Summit - Deal Day
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How to make the most of your TransferRoom Summit - Deal Day
by Jack Hyom

With hundreds of decision-makers from clubs across the world preparing to negotiate summer transfer business quickly at our 2022 TransferRoom Summit - Deal Day in Madrid on 16 June, here is our guide on how they can get the best out of the event.

A very interesting concept. I like the 15 minutes, because you say what you need to say. It's a first impression thing and it's time-effective.
Andro Fistonic
Sports Director, NK Radomlje

Executives from more than 180 clubs across 45+ countries will be getting ahead of the competition this summer with fast-paced transfer talks through 15 one-to-one meetings, all in one location on one day.

The event condenses months' worth of networking and negotiations into a single day, and with the Summer Transfer Window opening in more than 60 countries worldwide in June, it's the perfect opportunity to get your business done early ahead of 2022-23.


TransferRoom's Data Intelligence team will also provide a recommendations report in advance of the event, giving suggestions on which decision-makers to talk to and which players to discuss, ensuring your time is used as efficiently as possible.


Here are six things we recommend that you do to maximise your chances of success at the TransferRoom Summit - Deal Day 2022.

1. Be proactive


Invite clubs to meetings early to avoid disappointment and ensure you’re organised. You have 15 meetings, all lasting 15 minutes, and that time will go quickly, with no gaps in between. So make sure you fill all of those slots and you have a clear agenda for each appointment to maximise each window.

2. Be strategic


Choose clubs that align with your goals and budgetary requirements, and match closely with the profile of players you’re looking to sign or sell. Prepare well by using the TransferRoom platform to make players available, understand club requirements and declare interest in other players, and utilise our recommendations report so you know the best clubs to meet who to speak about.

3. Be efficient


Share your requirements with clubs in advance, to make your meetings more efficient and to the point. This will also help you maximise each 15-minute window and get business done fast. Also make the most of your agenda builder by planning out your day before you travel.

4. Be fair


Need to cancel? Inform the necessary club, agent or TransferRoom representative in advance so they too can plan their day. Give as much notice as possible, to allow plenty of time to make new appointments.

5. Make the most of your trip


If you’re travelling from another continent or a different part of Europe, why not make the most of your visit to Spain by booking in visits to Spanish clubs or teams from neighbouring countries Portugal and France or other regions across the continent? Meet your counterparts, share knowledge and take your transfer talks a step further.

6. Scout European talent


Another way to maximise your time in Europe for the Deal Day is to watch matches across the continent to scout for talent and grow your network further.


The majority of Europe’s league campaigns may be over, but fear not. There are a full round of UEFA Nations League matches in the week leading up to the Deal Day, with Spain among the home sides. While there are promotion and relegation play-offs in Austria, Denmark and Scandinavia, plus league fixtures in European countries such as the Republic of Ireland, Sweden and Latvia.

What decision-makers say


Don’t just listen to us. Here are what attendees from past TransferRoom Summits say about the in-person events.

For Necati Ozdeniz, the CEO at Turkish second-tier club Altinordu, the opportunity to reach the biggest clubs in Europe is a big attraction of TransferRoom Summits.


He says: "We can contact very, very big clubs, otherwise you cannot access them. TransferRoom gives you the opportunity to access these big clubs in Italy, Germany and Spain. It is very important for us.”


In contrast, West Ham United are established at the top level, in the Premier League, but for Rob Newman, their Head of Recruitment, the chance to condense a year’s worth of networking with clubs across the world is too good to miss.


Newman explains: “It would take over a year to visit all those clubs, just to have a small proportion of those people here on the day, to give cards, exchange numbers and build up contacts and relationships. Because that's what it is. It's starting relationships with people that work at clubs in other countries.”


Eduardo Saracho, Director of Football at Club Puebla, of Mexico’s LigaMX, believes the in-person interaction at our regular Summits are unrivalled when connecting with other decision-makers.


"That is the added value of these kinds of events - it's to have very intense days to network, to connect with people that would take you a bit longer,” Saracho says. “You can also get contacts through another contact, but nothing beats a personal one-to-one."


With a busy summer schedule ahead, the Sporting Director from Slovenian club NK Radomlje, Andro Fistonic, favours the fast-paced transfer talks our Deal Days offer.


"A very interesting concept,” Fistonic says. “I like the 15 minutes, because you say what you need to say. It's a first impression thing and it's time-effective."


TransferRoom’s platform also gives direct access to club decision-makers, rather than going through third-party intermediaries.


Tomasz Baldys, Sporting Director at Cracovia Krakow in Poland’s top flight, says: "What I appreciate in TransferRoom is direct contact with the clubs. We don't have to use intermediaries. This is very good. It's how it should be done and we can save a lot of money thanks to this."


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