'CoachFinder gives all data Sporting Directors need to find a Head Coach'
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    I've used TransferRoom since day 1. I've seen it as a big help to me, it's helped to educate me and to open doors with other clubs.
    David Weir
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'CoachFinder gives all data Sporting Directors need to find a Head Coach'
by TransferRoom

Announced at TransferRoom’s Lisbon Summit, here’s how senior club decision-makers around the world think the new CoachFinder tool will help clubs find the right Head Coach.

With CoachFinder you can get the objective information that you need when you hire a Head Coach.
Victor Orta
Sporting Director, Sevilla FC

With the average global tenure of a Head Coach less than eight months and sackings at an all-time high, TransferRoom has launched CoachFinder to help clubs find the right Head Coach and avoid expensive mistakes. 

Revealed exclusively at the TransferRoom Summit in Lisbon, here’s how senior decision makers around the world reacted to the CoachFinder launch.

Decision makers on how clubs benefit from CoachFinder


Carlos Aviña - Technical Director, AS Monaco
MONACO“I don’t think there’s anything like this in the market. It’s a weapon we can use in our favour. We have a succession plan for players and we must have the same for our Head Coaches. This platform can help us always be prepared for whatever happens.

“When you start doing your research into coaches it’s very difficult to find information. You have to do everything manually and this takes a lot of time. So it’s very useful to have a source that provides you with this.”

Victor Orta - Sporting Director, Sevilla FC 

 Sevilla FC“When it comes to hiring a Head Coach, we need relevant, verified information. We get information from external sources and opinions from people that are valuable, but subjective. With CoachFinder you can get the objective information that you need when you hire a coach.”


Casa Pia A.C.Diogo Boa Alma - Sporting Director, Casa Pia A.C.
“We look at data as an important thing when recruiting new players, so why not for Head Coaches? It's important to have a database that clubs didn't have in the past.”


Khaled El-Ahmed - CEO, Barnsley FC 

BARNSLEY“It happens that clubs hire a new Head Coach – someone with so much decision-making power – based only on who knows the coach and without much due diligence. No CEO in football or the business world is hired this way, so why don’t football clubs do more to understand the person?

"It’s a smart move to add CoachFinder to the TransferRoom ecosystem. Very interesting. It’s also good for coaches as it opens up their market. I’m excited to see how it will be applied.”


 Rodrigo Palacios - Director of Sports Development, Atlético de San Luis

Atletico-de-San-Luis“The Head Coach is the most important piece of the puzzle. Knowing beforehand what kind of style he plays, having his data available really quickly, it definitely helps. It’s a really important part of the process before you get into the interview stage. Time is the most valuable resource we have when scouting players and it’s no different when we’re scouting coaches. If a tool saves me time, I’ll always use it.

"Another big challenge we face is the transparency of information. To have all Head Coaches in the same platform, measuring the same things, then that’s worth it. It’s a really interesting platform. I love it.” 

Andre Pinto - Sportive Director, Sint-Truidense V.V. 
Sint-Truidense VV“Maximising time in the football business is crucial. Sometimes when looking for a Head Coach, you rely on connections, so being able to access this information in a tool is very important. Thank you TransferRoom for making our life a little bit easier!"

The quotes above were provided by attendees at TransferRoom’s recent Summit in Lisbon, where CoachFinder was exclusively launched to our global community of club decision makers. 

Find out more about how CoachFinder helps clubs avoid expensive mistakes when recruiting a Head Coach.

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