Are you a Free Agent? How to find a new club quickly
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Are you a Free Agent? How to find a new club quickly
by TransferRoom

If you’re released by a football club, here are five ways a Trusted Agent can accelerate your next move.

The transfer market moves fast as clubs change their priorities. If you and your agent are not up to date, you risk missing out on good opportunities.

If you’re a player who is a free agent - or think you are about to become one - you’re not alone. The good news is that it’s a situation that the transfer market is used to handling.


In fact, about 75 per cent of all deals do not involve a fee. But that’s also bad news, because it means you are in a pool of thousands of players all available for free and all trying to attract the attention of potential new employers.


Fortunately, the global nature of the game means there have never been as many opportunities for footballers of all levels. The trick is finding them and acting on them quickly.


That’s easier said than done, especially when your former club is not giving you any help to secure your next move. And it’s even harder if your future is no longer a top priority for your agent - or you don’t have an agent at all.


But TransferRoom, football’s global marketplace, is revolutionising how the game does business and can give you the best chance of finding the right club for the next stage of your career.


TransferRoom connects hundreds of clubs around the world with its Trusted Agents, a group of more than 250 verified agencies who are able to use the platform's unique network and features to generate unprecedented opportunities for their players.


Players can register for TransferRoom access for free and connect with their agent - or get matched instantly to a new one. Here are five ways getting verified by a TransferRoom Trusted Agent can benefit you as a free agent:

You attract more interest from clubs

It really is as simple as that. Virtually every professional footballer in the world is on the TransferRoom database that its member clubs can access. But the fact is that players who are verified by Trusted Agents receive FIVE times as many enquiries from clubs as those who are not. That’s because clubs are happier knowing for sure from the start which agent represents which player. Instead of being lost in the huge number of free agents, you immediately stand out from the crowd.

Your name is in front of decision makers


TransferRoom’s key mission is to provide the people who matter with all the information and tools they need to do business quickly and efficiently. Agents will often claim to have a hotline to a Director of Football. But Trusted Agents have direct lines of communication to pitch you to, and negotiate with, the club personnel who make the recruitment decisions. Instead of wondering whether your agent is speaking to the right people, you can be sure that the right club executives are aware that you are available and can exchange reliable information with your representative at the touch of a button.

You open yourself up to a global market


Football is a truly global sport and there are opportunities for players of all levels, not just the elite few, all over the world. But if your agent is well connected in only one league, country or even region, you could miss out. More than 650 clubs from over 100 leagues in 60 countries use TransferRoom and the platform gives Trusted Agents the ability to communicate directly with them, without the need for intermediaries. Instead of being restricted to your home country, you can explore a broad range of options.

You can respond quickly to the latest opportunities


The transfer market moves fast as clubs change their priorities. If you and your agent are not up to date, you risk missing out on good opportunities. TransferRoom connects all the stakeholders in real time. The moment a club reveals that it is looking for a player with your profile, your Trusted Agent will be alerted and can immediately pitch you to the club directly. The platform also allows agents to share the details of a player to multiple clubs at once, saving time and increasing market reach. Instead of being left behind by a lack of information or rapid access to decision-makers, you can move quickly to explore deals and close them.

You are kept in the loop at every stage


TransferRoom’s mission to bring transparency to football applies to everyone, including players. The most common complaint we hear from footballers is that they are kept in the dark about what is happening in the market and start to lose trust in their agents. TransferRoom gives its Trusted Agents the ability to share information with their registered players about which clubs they have pitched them to and what the feedback has been. Instead of being unsure of where they stand, you can keep up to date from your phone on their real-time progress in finding a new club.


Being a free agent can be a time of uncertainty and stress, especially if finding a new club quickly is important to you financially. There is a world of opportunities out there but it can be hard to find the right ones and beat off the competition from all the other players in the same situation.


TransferRoom has revolutionised the transfer market by giving everyone involved - clubs, agents and players - the ability to share information and communicate directly, quickly and in real time. By working with a Trusted Agent who registers you on the platform, you plug yourself into a global network that can give you a range of possibilities for the next move in your career.


Instead of waiting for things to happen, you can take ownership of your career and reach the best outcome quickly.


Are you a footballer who is a free agent? Request free access to TransferRoom to get started and unlock 5x more transfer opportunities.

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